Best URL shortener works great for marketing only if you choose the right tool. We’ve compiled a list of 10 best URL shortener and have broken them down into their own categories. You’ll find all about how to create customized branded short links, how they work, what they can be used for, and which one is the best fit for your needs!

What is a URL Shortener?

A URL shortener allows you to take a long link and create a new, shorter one that takes people to the same location. …

Have you ever wondered, how come the small advertisements that pop in your Facebook screen is what you are looking for? How does it know that recently you are more interested in the new trendy clothes or you are looking for a new headphone? How does google show the exact topic you are looking for while you are in the middle of writing a topic in the Google search box?

Is it magic?

No, it’s not. It’s Retargeting Pixel. And this retargeting pixel is the new policy followed by the marketers or online merchandise products.

Today I’ll share the secrete…

URL shorteners are the services for shortening a URL link. Out in the market, there are a lot of URL shorteners but choosing the right one is a callous decision.

Each company has different prospects and features that make them unique and choosy. And since every business is different, operating them are also different.

That’s a good reason why all the URL shorteners have different working methods and techniques.

In this article, I’ll tell you about the seven best powerful URL shorteners that will help you not only to shorten the URLs but also turn your visitors into your custom…

We all love fashion. And there are a very few person who don’t follow trend.

Why is that?

Well, basically that’s what our brain supports. When we see others wearing striped shirts or long skirts, we assume our self in that outfit and in our heart, we desire to get the exact same dress. Same color, same design even the exact same button on it.

Now some people take it as a fashion. They think it will make them look updated. It will make them look trendy and stylish among others. But the truth is, you really don’t wanna fall…

You… Yes you… you buried me.

You knew me. You knew what I did for you… Yet you brutally buried me.

You buried me under all your desires and hopes. You suffocated me to death. And you did that because you were coward. You were scared.

You were scared that I would give you actual hopes. You were scared that I would turn you into YOU.

I never wanted you to turn into someone else. I always wanted to nourish your little desires from your childhood. I spoke for you, I made you realize between right and wrong.

But you…

How do you understand the feeling of love? How do you know you love someone? What will happen if I fall in love? How will I know I’m in love?…

Too many questions come to our mine when it comes to “LOVE”. Like others I had these questions in my mind too. And believe me, I loved love story movies. I loved those songs and dreamed of doing the same silly romance.

In my heart, I would say to myself, ‘some evening, I’ll sing a soft romantic song sitting right beside to my lover holding his warm hands.’

I was…

Attending a wedding somehow reminds our golden day, I mean our wedding day. The day when we got united forever. The day that made everything look so beautiful and perfect for us. The day when we dressed and adored ourselves to make our beloved so surprised that, the one we loved so much would say, “My Gosh HONEY, you look so beautiful ! ! !”.

You know what? I did the same thing too. I took time, and bought everything that would make me look amazing. I dressed so beautifully, adored stunningly, and when he saw me he said, “My…

We all use different kinds of products when it comes to makeup. But it becomes hard to choose the right product for different skin tones. Specially for those who can’t identify there skin type and tone. They go in a rush to the market to buy makeup products and get confused which one to buy and which should not be bought. Well, I’m gonna help you by suggesting some products that are suitable for every skin tone and skin type.

  1. The very first product is a base for your face. Before applying the makeup we clean our face and moisturize…

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